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Triggering Orchestrator Runbook from Service Manager

Challenge The default syncing mechanism for integrating Service Manager and Orchestrator is based on discovery through connectors and initiation by Runbook Guid. This is great for demos and simple implementations of Service Manager and Orchestrator, you just connect the two,

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Runbooks not showing up

A very common problem I see on the Orchestrator forums is people noticing that their Runbooks are not showing up properly in their web service. This usually manifests itself when they are looking either in Service Manager (Runbooks not all

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Advanced Parallel Processing of Runbook Activities

In a recent blog post Robert Hearn talked about how to enable true parallel processing in Orchestrator by using the Invoke Runbook object with the ‘wait for completion’ checkmark unchecked.  There are two challenges that this scenario presents, how do

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Initiating Runbooks from Task Scheduler

Introduction A question came up in the Orchestrator Forums the other day ( about how to schedule the execution of a Runbook.  A number of good suggestions were given and ultimately using task scheduler was given as a potential solution. 

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