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Fun with Exchange

A question came up today in the Orchestrator forums about processing emails with attachments. Has anyone develop a run book that searches for emails with a specific criteria (Email is from USER@DOMAIN.COM and HasAttachment = True). Read the XML attachment

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Returning Data from a Remote PowerShell execution in Orchestrator

A question came up this week internally about how to return data from a remotely executed script (a PowerShell script inside of a Run .NET Script object in Orchestrator 2012). I am trying to remotely execute a script using the

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Parse Orchestrator Export Tool

I have just release a new tool called Parse Orchestrator Export available on the community codeplex site ( There are two files for download, the GUI tool and a general administration .dll it references, you will need both (just put

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Automating the Export and TFS Check-In of Workflows

For disaster recovery reasons in Orchestrator it is beneficial to have backups of individual Workflows.  In order to facilitate this and not increase the amount of manual work that has to be done we have come up with a workflow

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Advanced Parallel Processing of Runbook Activities

In a recent blog post Robert Hearn talked about how to enable true parallel processing in Orchestrator by using the Invoke Runbook object with the ‘wait for completion’ checkmark unchecked.  There are two challenges that this scenario presents, how do

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Monitoring the Monitor Runbooks

A question came up in the Orchestrator forums today about how to ensure that Monitor type workflows are running in an environment.  One way to do this is using Orchestrator itself to ensure that all ‘Monitor’ workflows that are supposed

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Opalis Windows 7 Upgrade Process Presentation

Hey Everyone, It has come to my attention that the presentation I delivered at MMS this year never actually got uploaded to the MMS site!  I have modified the presentation to only be my portion (I can’t actually share the

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Looping a Policy

So a question came up on the System Center Central forums, can I loop a policy? The answer is yes and there are some good reasons to do this. In order to ‘loop’ a policy it needs to be triggered

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Scheduled Tasks IP Policy Example

Here is a quick example of the type of workflow that the Scheduled Tasks integration pack allows for building. The IP is available at This example policy is a part of a bigger workflow that is used to automate

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Foreach Object from Results

A Question was posed on the Opalis forums that I thought I would take a quick second to answer as it is one that I struggled with myself initially I’m running some SQL query. I get few line results …

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