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Start or Stop all Monitor Runbooks in Folders

I have just put together a 4th script for manipulating monitor runbooks through the Orchestrator web service. As always, the Module and associated example scripts are available up at Instead of just dropping the script on my blog and

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PowerShell script to check monitor Status

In our environment we have a Runbook folder structure that says if you have a monitor Runbook and you want it to be running in our Production environment it must be placed in a root folder under the \Production folder.

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Orchestrator Web Service PowerShell CMDLet Library

I have just put the finishing touches on a PowerShell library for manipulating the Orchestrator web service. The cmdlets are available at and the following functions are exposed Get-SCOEvent Start-SCORunbook Stop-SCOJob Get-SCOMonitorRunbook Get-SCOSubfolder Get-SCORunbookServer Get-SCOJob New-SCOWebserverURL Get-SCORunbook Each function

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