Service Manager and Orchestrator: Multiple User Selects

Now that we understand how to do a people picker sort control (Server Side filter query results control) the next question is how to differentiate multiple selections of the same sort of Object. For example, if I have a request for re-imaging a person’s machine and I need to know the user who will be managing the end user’s computer and the end user the computer should be imaged for I need a way to differentiate which is which. The way we have decided to do this internally is by adding additional ‘Manual Activities’ to attach these to (each unique user selection will be attached to a separate Manual Activity). We then have the Orchestrator Runbook access the related object and update the Manual Activity to ‘skipped’. Here is what it all ends up looking like!

The Service Request

Step one is creating the SR and adding the activities. We add 4 activities, an OrchestratorRunbook (our way of calling out to Orchestrator discussed at and 3 Manual activities

  • OrchestratorRunbook
    • Used for initiating the Orchestrator Runbook
    • Has 40 ‘input property’ fields to map values to from the Request Offering
  • Manual Activity one: Managed By User Selection
    • Used for holding the user selected in the managed by Query Result control
  • Manual Activity two: End User Selection
    • Used for holding the end user selected in the end user Query Result control
  • Manual Activity three: Computer Selection
    • Used for holding the computer selected in the Computer Selection Query Result control

Request Offering

In the request offering on the Query Result Controls we set them to relate their outputs to the correct Manual Activity


Now in our Runbook we can get all of the related Manual activity, filter down to an individual one and select the object output!

And now we can uniquely identify which user is which and which computer is which J


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