Monitoring the Monitor Runbooks

A question came up in the Orchestrator forums today about how to ensure that Monitor type workflows are running in an environment.  One way to do this is using Orchestrator itself to ensure that all ‘Monitor’ workflows that are supposed to be running are actually running.  In our environment this type of workflow is run in our passive production environment against our active production environment but could just as well be run in your normal production environment on a non primary action server.

So, how do we actually do all of that?  There is a Orchestrator Webservices integration pack, available at
that can help us with this use case.  Step one is to create a connection to the webservice of the environment you want to monitor




Username:  The username of the account to connect to the webservice as

MaxInputParameters: Maximum number of input parameters a Runbook you want to initiate may have

Password: Password of the account you are connecting with

Domain: Domain of the user you are connecting with

OrchestratorServiceURL: Path to your Orchestrator webservice – usually of the form http://orchestratorserver:81/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc


Now that you have the configuration for the integration pack setup you can get down to making a workflow to monitor your monitor workflows.  Below is a very simple exampleimage

Monitor Date Time:  How often would you like to check your environment


Get All Monitor Runbooks: Set the config to the environment you would like to monitor.  This object will return a set of correlated runbook data about all running runbooks


You can add a filter to only show runbooks in a certain folder (ie production)


Get Runbook Job Instance Details: Configure to point to the runbooks found in the get all monitor runbooks object that are in the Running Status.  This will return a details for all of the monitors, if the number of running Jobs is 0 then we need to start that runbook



Start Runbook: This will start your stopped monitor runbook



You now have a very basic runbook that you can run and use to monitor monitor runbooks in other environments.  Note, if you are using this to monitor runbooks in the same environment you should set it to run on a different action server – this can be done in a number of ways including configuring its properties and setting it to run on a standby action server


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One comment on “Monitoring the Monitor Runbooks
  1. Garion B says:

    Ryan, I am running into an issue using 2012 R2 and this IP, whereby the “get all monitor runbooks” activity seems to inaccurately determine that a RUNNING runbook job instance is NOT RUNNING and attempts to start the runbook. At that point the entire runbook just hangs. Any thoughts?

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