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Enterprise Orchestrator Infrastructure Design

  Active / Passive Production Environment Purpose Running of production workflows Environment Description Mirrored Multi Server Environment Scale Out Points Web Tier – Add additional Servers to this role (and to F5 VIP) if Web Service load becomes Heavy Action

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Advanced Parallel Processing of Runbook Activities

In a recent blog post Robert Hearn talked about how to enable true parallel processing in Orchestrator by using the Invoke Runbook object with the ‘wait for completion’ checkmark unchecked.  There are two challenges that this scenario presents, how do

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Runbook SQL Injection

With our implementation of Orchestrator 2012 we plan to fully implement and utilize the fancy new web tier – specifically we plan to expand our automation to include many more user initiated workflows.  This means that we will need to

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Runbook Sanitation Utility

Availability The tool (Binary and Source code) is available on the Orchestrator Community codeplex site, Direct Download Link: Direct Source Code Link: Any additions / suggestions are appreciated Description This utility is used to manipulate ois_export files. 

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Initiating Runbooks from Task Scheduler

Introduction A question came up in the Orchestrator Forums the other day ( about how to schedule the execution of a Runbook.  A number of good suggestions were given and ultimately using task scheduler was given as a potential solution. 

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Magic Orchestrator Files (OIP and OIS_Export)

OIP (Integration Pack File) An OIP file is, in reality, nothing more than a zip file with a different extension so they can be found easier by the deployment manager.   Inside of the zip are three files, an installer

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Monitoring the Monitor Runbooks

A question came up in the Orchestrator forums today about how to ensure that Monitor type workflows are running in an environment.  One way to do this is using Orchestrator itself to ensure that all ‘Monitor’ workflows that are supposed

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