SCCM Extension Integration Pack — Testers Wanted!

Hey Everyone,

I have been working diligently on extending my SCCM integration pack and have made a lot of progress.  It now has a large feature set (working on making a few more integration points) that I need to test.  I have tested all of the current objects against my test SCCM environment but I would like others to do the same to see if we can ferret out some bugs before I release a wrapped IP.  As always the IP is up on codeplex

This project is currently under heavy development. I am releasing and early version in .DLL form (use Run .Net Object to execute) so that people can test and give feedback.

Completed Features

  • Add New Computer
  • Assign Package to DP
  • Associate Computer Record
  • Create Advertisement
  • Create Collection
  • Create Computer Variable
  • Create Package
  • Create Program
  • Delete Advertisement
  • Delete Collection
  • Delete Package
  • Delete Program
  • Get Advertisement
  • Get Collection
  • Get Collection Members
  • Get Computer Variable
  • Get Driver
  • Get Package
  • Get Parent Collection
  • Get Program
  • Get Sub Collections
  • Get System
  • Get User
  • Get Usergroup
  • Modify Advertisement
  • Modify Collection
  • Modify Collection Add Direct Member
  • Modify Collection Add Membership Rule
  • Modify Driver
  • Modify Package
  • Modify Program Supported Platforms
  • Modify Program
  • Refresh Collection
  • Refresh Package at Distribution Point
  • Refresh Package Source
  • Remove Collection Membership
  • Remove Package from Distribution Point
  • Set Package Description
  • Set Package Source

Features Under Development (Wrapping Code into Opalis Wrapper)

  • Get Driver Package
  • Modify Driver Package
  • Get Task Sequence Package
  • Modify Task Sequence Package
  • Get Image Package
  • Modify Image Package
  • Get Operating System Install Package
  • Modify Operating System Install Package
  • Get Boot Image Package
  • Modify Boot Image Package
  • Get Collection Variable
  • Modify Collection Variable
  • Get Software Updates Package
  • Modify Software Updates Package
  • Get Updates Assignment
  • Modify Updates Assignment
  • Add CIs to Software Updates Package
  • Remove CIs from Software Updates Package
  • New Software Updates Package
  • New Authorization List
  • Synchronize Software Update Point
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One comment on “SCCM Extension Integration Pack — Testers Wanted!
  1. Dave Wenger says:

    Hi, do you have a converted Version of this great IP for SCORCH 2012 SP1? br, Dave

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