System Center Configuration Manager Extension

Available at


  • Get Computer Variables
    • This returns all SCCM configured Computer Variables for the given machine

  • Add Computer Variable
    • Allows you to add or set machine variables on a machine


This integration pack includes .DLL files that do not properly register. I am not sure how to work around this using QIK so for now I will provide some documentation on how to manually place the .DLL files into you Global Assembly Cache. The 3 files we need to add to the GAC are


After registering and deploying the integration pack to your action servers these files will all be present in the Opalis extensions folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Opalis Software\Opalis Integration Server\Extensions but not registered in the GAC. To register them into the GAC of each action server open up windows explorer on the action server, browse to c:\WINDOWS\Assembly and drag the .DLL files from the extensions folder to the assembly folder.

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2 comments on “System Center Configuration Manager Extension
  1. i noticed a slight misbehaviour when running the commands for clients that don’t exist on the target server: both commands return success :/ removing one or more variables would be nice too

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