Scheduled Tasks IP Policy Example

Here is a quick example of the type of workflow that the Scheduled Tasks integration pack allows for building. The IP is available at

This example policy is a part of a bigger workflow that is used to automate the provisioning of virtual desktops. This step is used to run a script on a VMWare Broker using a Broker Specific powershell cmdlet to add a new machine to a virtual desktop pool.

This Policy checks for the existence of a script file on a network share, if it is not there It creates it (script code contained in the ‘create script object’). It then uses the ‘Get Scheduled Tasks’ object from the IP to check to see if there is a pre-configured scheduled task for this purpose on the targeted computer. If there isn’t it creates one, if there is it deletes the old one and creates a new one. The newly created scheduled task is passed unique values to this iteration of the Policy as parameters for the script. It then waits for the task to complete and returns it return code.

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