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Scheduled Tasks IP Policy Example

Here is a quick example of the type of workflow that the Scheduled Tasks integration pack allows for building. The IP is available at This example policy is a part of a bigger workflow that is used to automate

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Two New Integration Packs

It looks like this morning two new Integration Packs were released out on Codeplex. They are from Markus Erlacher, I have not had a chance to play with them yet but the source code looks solid. They are built using

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Opalis Scheduled Task Integration Pack

Project Description A Opalis integration pack for manipulating scheduled tasks on windows systems. Provides the following functionality Create Scheduled Task Delete Task Add Daily Trigger Add Monthly DOW Trigger Add On Idle Trigger Add On Logon Trigger Add On System

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VMWare Integration Pack

Hey Everyone, I am looking for some testers for a new integration pack for VMWare.  It is based off of the latest version of the VMWare CMDLets ( and the source code / home of the project is out on

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Foreach Object from Results

A Question was posed on the Opalis forums that I thought I would take a quick second to answer as it is one that I struggled with myself initially I’m running some SQL query. I get few line results …

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