Fun with Links

I was looking at a workflow Charles had written the other day and saw that his links had labels and were colored! Well, one of the biggest reason I love Opalis is that if I create my workflow correctly almost anyone can pick it up and at least have a guess at what it does and how it does it. Having labels and colors on my links means that people no longer have to open up a link to see what it does / why a policy would go down that path.

Path Labels

To turn on path labels in your console you need to go to Options -> Configure and check “Show Link Labels”. There is one unexpected consequence of this; all links by default will have a label of ‘link’. When creating new workflows this isn’t really a problem, just set the label to whatever the link is doing, but going back to all your old links and setting this up could be time consuming. You can run a Update command against your Opalis database and update all links with the name ‘Link’ to have the name ‘ ‘.

Configuring the Link

In the same area that you set your logic for the link you can also set its color and label. Simply double click on the link.



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