Adding Additional Integration Packs


This is a relatively simple action if you avoid some pitfalls.


  1. Logon to Integration Server
  2. Run the Deployment Manager

  3. Register the Integration Pack

  4. Deploy the Integration Pack to the servers you want it to run on


    3. If you are segregating your work between ‘Orchestration Servers’ and ‘Worker Servers’ only deploy integration packs to your ‘Worker Servers’. This will cause all ‘Worker’ workflows to execute their code on this set of servers. You also need to do deploy the Integration Pack to any clients that you want to see the added functionality.

    4. Select either “Stop all running Policies” or “Don’t Stop running Policies”
      1. I suggest choosing the second option, then putting each Action Server into ‘Maintenance Mode’ (this is not built in, see my other blog post on how to achieve this concept) and restarting it. By doing this you will not affect running policies.

  5. You have now successfully deployed an additional Integration Pack! To see which computers it has been deployed to open up its properties, select ‘Integration Pack’ then click ‘Resolve’


Some Integration Packs (usually legacy Integration packs, and presumably 3rd party integration packs when they begin to appear) require a license. In order to import a license we use the ‘License Manager’ tool. You then simply browse to the license file and supply the key. If you are installing Microsoft Provided integration packs the license keys are all stored in the Opalis Product Licenses.docx file


Special Note: The license file must be on a local file share of the Integration Server (where you are running the License Manager Tool)


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One comment on “Adding Additional Integration Packs
  1. Bart says:

    Cannot be a network drive or a none writable store like a CD

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