Adding Additional Action Servers

In our environment we use the default automated Action Server deployment Mechanism and the do some post installation configuration


  1. Deploy new Virtual Machine
    1. Should be a 2 Processor 4 Gig Windows 2008 R2 Server
    2. Name Appropriately
      1. MGOAPOAOP[0-9] for Orchestration Actions Servers
      2. MGOAPOPWP[0-9] for Worker Action Servers
  2. Open the Firewall on the New Action Server to allow communication from the Management Server
  3. Grant the action account ‘Logon as a Service’ rights

  4. Add New Virtual Machine to Action Server Pool using the Opalis Deployment Manager

  5. Use the ASPT.exe tool to increase number of concurrent policies to 300 (
    1. On the Opalis Integration Server Management computer, open a command prompt and navigate to the installation folder of the Management Service (Default path = C:\Program Files\Opalis Software\Opalis Integration Server\Management Service).
    2. Execute the following Command aspt.exe <NEW ACTION SERVER NAME> 300
    3. We set the concurrent policy number to 300 based on the following sizing guidance
      1. Average Policy size is 10mb
      2. We Build 4 Gig Servers. Reserve 1 Gig for normal system functionality
      3. Allocate the remaining 3 Gig for running policies
    1. Increase Desktop Heap Size to 3 Gig
    2. Modify the registry Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems\Windows
      1. Change the “SharedSection=” Portion
      2. Set to SharedSection=1024,20480,3072
      3. Based on the formula from MS KB 2102398 – (Number Of Desired Concurrent Policies) * 10 = (Third Parameter Value)
    3. Restart the Action Server (Required for heap change to take place)
    4. Update all Orchestration or Worker workflows to utilize the new Action Server
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