Download Azure Web Apps Publishing Profile and Setting up FTP Access

Download Publishing Profile via Log into Portal.Azure.Com Open a web browser and navigate to Authenticate using the proper credential Navigate to the website you want to download the publishing profile for \ Click ‘Get Publishing Profile’ More information

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Find what jobs were running on a runbook server

A question came up from a team-mate, how do I see what jobs were running on a runbook server in SMA at some point in time? To answer the question we made a nice little sql query Find out what

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SMA Blog Posts by the PG

If you don’t follow the Orchestrator team blog you definitely should – Lately they have published a number of blog posts about the inner workings of SMA that should help anyone trying to design workflows for the system a

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Fun with Exchange

A question came up today in the Orchestrator forums about processing emails with attachments. Has anyone develop a run book that searches for emails with a specific criteria (Email is from USER@DOMAIN.COM and HasAttachment = True). Read the XML attachment

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Returning Data from a Remote PowerShell execution in Orchestrator

A question came up this week internally about how to return data from a remotely executed script (a PowerShell script inside of a Run .NET Script object in Orchestrator 2012). I am trying to remotely execute a script using the

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Cloud Computing Format War

I recently published a whitepaper up to TechNet gallery comparing the cloud computing strategies of Microsoft and VMWare. The paper is available at Here is a quick excerpt: A growing number of enterprises have begun to consider how “cloud

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Windows Azure Pack

With the forthcoming R2 release of Server 2012 Microsoft will be releasing functionality it has created in its Public Windows Azure offering. This is huge for companies trying to develop private cloud strategies. At the moment there is a good

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